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Go Fence! - coming soon to Goldthorpe Scouts

As part of a recruitment drive, British Fencing are sponsoring the introduction of a series of instruction and training programmes to introduce young people to fencing.  Whilst heavily subsidised, the Group will need to make a significant investment to make this programme happen, but it will be delivered without additional cost to members.

Go Fence! uses plastic and foam materials, so is very safe and easy to run and operate.  Find out more here:

I've agreed with Cub & Scout Leaders that we will include the Go Fence! programme as part of the Cub/Scout Programme starting in early 2016.

This is likely to be an additional night for a period of up to 10 weeks, and spaces will be limited to 20 cubs/scouts, so look out for the sign up opportunity coming your way soon.

Group Scout Leader.

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